Monday, March 13, 2017

Don't Miss What's Right in Front of You

For most of my life, I’ve been absolutely terrified of speaking in front of people. In high school and college, I would barely be able to get the words out. There were several times where I literally almost ran out of the room right before I had to speak. For years, I wanted to get better at it, but avoided doing anything about it. In the last few years though, as I prayed about it, it was amazing how many opportunities were put in front of me to talk in front of people. Public speaking is by no means a top strength of mine, but it’s something I’ve become much more comfortable with and even enjoy at times. 

Did God answer my prayers? I think he absolutely did. Instead of magically making me a better speaker, he gave me opportunities to grow and to rely on Him. 

I’ve started to wonder, what if all of life is like that? 

What if what we hope and pray for is often right in front of us? 

What if I’m focusing on the wrong things, and because of that, missing opportunities that are right in front of me? 

What if in all of life’s difficulties, God is leading me to depend on Him?

I believe when we focus on what we don’t have, or we complain, or feel sorry for ourselves, we are blinded to the truth of what is really happening in and around us. 

I want more joy and peace in my life, but do I see that God is daily bringing me to circumstances, good and bad, where I can grow in these things? I want more deep relationships in my life, but do I see that God is putting people all around me that I can grow in friendship and community with? 

Fix Your Focus

God is never short on resources. He gives us everything we need to grow in joy, to have more patience, to deepen relationships, to be less anxious. We just need to fix our focus to see the opportunities in front of us. 

I often look for God in the big things, in the life-changing situations. But God is not the God of the expected. Instead of showing up in the ways we expect, or even in the ways we want Him to, He often shows up in the details and in the detours of life.  

So how do I fix my focus to make sure I see the opportunities in front of me? I believe gratitude is the key. If I’m focusing on what I don’t have or wish I had more of, my focus is off. 

But if I live with thankfulness for who God has uniquely made me, and I live expectantly looking for how God is moving in and around me, it changes everything. 

This requires thinking differently

It requires accepting that growth often comes through pain. It requires getting over myself and accepting that life is not about me. It requires knowing that I can’t do life on my own and growing my dependence on Jesus. Opportunity often presents itself in hard times, and our purpose often presents itself through pain. 

We all have things in life we wish were different, and we all have things we wish we had more of. 

But what if instead of focusing on what I lack, I focus on opportunities for growth? 

What if instead of focusing on my inadequacy, I shift my focus to God’s abundance?

When I do, it’s awesome to see what’s right in front of me. 

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RC said...

Well said buddy,thanks for sharing